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aSMA Phx stellate cell activation 3D bioreactor 3D bioreactor culture 3D coculture of human hepatocytes and... A20 acute phase proteins acute-phase response ADME genes administration Affymetrix ageing agenda algorithm ammonia ammonia metabolism anemia of chronic diseases annotator support antibodies APC APCfl apoptosis atorvastatin balance Bayesian approaches BDL beta-catenin Bifurcation analysis Big Science bilayer Bile duct ligation bile secretion bile transport biliary transport binding site biochemical analyses biochemical data curation biochemical pathways modeling Biochemistry biomacromolecular diffusion biomarkers Biomaterials BioPAX Biophysics Blood flow BMDM BMDMs BMP9 Boolean modeling Boolean Modelling Brownian dynamics C++ c-Myc transgenic disease model C/EBP CAR carbohydrate casein kinase-2 Cell biology cell cycle cell disintegration Cell Imaging cell stress cell-cell communication CellNetAnalyzer CellNetAnalyzer (CNA) cellular iron homeostasis Cellular Potts Model Chaperones Chemical Named Entity Recognition cholestasis Chromatin Immunoprecipitation Circadian Clock classification CMSB 2013 COBRA coculture of hepatocytes and non-pare... collagen sandwich culture Colloquium Dortmund concerted development conditioned medium confocal laser scanning Confocal laser scanning microscopy Constraint-based models Control Theory Controlled Vocabulary converter cooperativity COPASI Crosstalk Crosstalk Wnt/ß-Catenin and Hedgehog ... cytochrome P450 cytokine signalling cytokines Data analysis Data integration data management database Databases detoxification detoxyfication diabetes DNA sequence motif DNA synthesis DNA-Protein interactions drag and drop upload drug discovery drug induced liver injury drug label drug metabolism drug-binding kinetics drug-induced liver injury drug-related side effects and adverse... dynamic FBA dynamic simulation E-box motive EGF electromobility band shift assay electrostatics ELISA endocytosis Endothelium environment enzymes Evaluation documents evidence External search external validation extracellualr metabolome extracellular metabolom extrahepatic fatty acids fatty acids metabolism zonation FBA FEM ferroportin FFA finite element method Flow Cytometry Fluidigm FRAP future Fuzzy logic G1/S transition galactose GCB 2012 gene gene expression gene regulation gene-expression glucagon signalling gluconeogenesis glucose glycogensynthase kinase-3beta glycolysis gradient graph clustering GRN Hedgehog pathway HepaChip microfluidic culture HepaRG cells hepatectomy hepatic acute phase response Hepatic Glycolysis hepatic growth factor hepatic metabolism hepatic stellate cells hepatic transport proteins hepatocellular carcinoma Hepatocyte biochemistry hepatocyte reorganisation Hepatocyte transfection hepatocyte transplantation hepatocyte volume regulation Hepatocytes Hepatology HepatoNet HepatoSys hepatotoxic drugs Hepcidin hepcidin regulation heuristic algorithm HFE HGF HGF showcase histological-image-analysis Hormonal and morphogen signaling HSC Human liver cell culture Human liver cell isolation human liver cells Hypoxia ICSB 2011 ICSB 2013 IFNgamma IKP IL-1 IL-1 signalling IL-6 IL-6 signalling IL6 signaling imageanalysis immune system immunoaffinity mass spectrometry immunoassays Immunocytochemistry Immunofluorescence immunohistochemical and molecular bio... immunohistochemistry Immunohistology Improvements in vivo Inference inflammation inflammation signature inflammatory signalling inhibitors insulin insulin resistance Insulin signalling insulin/glucagon signaling insulin/glucagon signalling integration Intermediary and drug metabolism intravital Iron iron homeostasis iron quantification - serum tissue cells Isolation and culture of primary mous... JAK/STAT Java JSBML KEGG KEGGtranslator ketone bodies keynote_format KGML Kinase-Phosphorylation-Assays kinetic data kinetic model Kinetic Modelling kinetic models knowledge representation knowledgebase konditional transgenic mice kupffer cells LC-MS/MS libSBML ligand ligand function LigDig lipid metabolism lipidomics lipids lipophilicity liver liver biochemistry liver cell coculture liver cell dysplasia Liver pathology liver regeneration Liver slice culture liver stem cell liver toxicity lkb logical modelling logical networks logistic regression LPS LPS showcase Luminex lung proteome macromolecular association macromolecular receptor macrophages mail upload MALDI-TOF-MS/MS MAPK Markov chain Monte Carlo approaches maschine learning mass distribution Mass spectrometry using LTQ-Orbitrap ... Mathematica mathematical modeling Matlab matrix retention membrane metabolic enzymes metabolic parameters Metabolic Zonation metabolism metabolites metabolomics Methods for stoichiometric networks microarray Microarray analysis microarrays microRNAs Midterm evaluation MidtermReview miniaturized 3D bioreactor system minimal intervention set (MIS) studies miR-125a-5p miR-125b miRNA mitochondrial iron metabolism MoBi Model discrimination model integration modeling modeling concepts modeling environment modeling software modelling modelling software ModeScore Modular rate law molecular dynamics Monolayer and sandwich culture Morpheus mouse mouse model mRNA expression profiles mRNA interactome mTOR multi-scale multicellular multicellular systems multicellular systems biology multiscale Multiscale modeling Multiscale simulation NASH negative feedback network analysis network inference News nonparenchymal cells Nuclear receptors numerical integration ODE ODE model ODEfy ODEs ontology ontology development ordinary differential equation systems outreach OWL oxidation oxygen oxygenation PAL Meeting Heidelberg 2012 PAL Meeting Hünfeld 2011 pals PALs Meeting 2013 Panel "C" Panel "E" Panel "G" Panel H1.1 Paracetamol paracrine signaling Parameter estimation partial differential equations Pathway Inhibition pathway maps PDE PDEs Perfused Liver perfusion perfusion culture Perspective article Phloroglucinols Phosphatidylcholines Phosphatidylethanolamines phosphopetides phosphoproteins phosphoproteomics PHx Physiologically-based pharmacokinetic... PI3K/Akt PK-Sim plasma iron platform politics polyploidy POPC PORTAL poster PPARalpha prediction of hepatotoxicity predictive model predictive models presentation primary hepatocytes primary human hepatocytes primary human hepatocytes culture primary mouse hepatocytes primary mouse/rat/human/pig hepatocyt... Project Management proliferation ProMoT promoter analysis Protege protein arrays protein flexibility proteins Proteomics Proteomics and signal transduction pSMAD1/5/8 pSTAT3 PtdIns(3)P public relations PUFAs PXR Python qPCR qRT-PCR quantitative modeling quantitative structure-activity relat... quantitative western blotting R Rab5 knock down rat rat hepatocyte ratte rdf re-organization of primary human live... reaction kinetics reconstruction registration Report restriction point Reverse Phase Protein Array review RNA interference studies RNA metabolism SAB Meeting Leipzig 2012 SABIO-RK Sage SBGN SBMC 2012 SBMC 2014 SBML SBML layout SBML qual SBML2LaTeX SBMLsimulator SBMLsqueezer SBW secretome seek semantic annotation serial section serum iron serum protein serum proteome profiling serum response factor SFBC Show Case Steatosis Meeting Signal transduction signaling signalling simulation simulation software Sinusoidal Unit SIRT7 smad1/5/8 SnoN SNP Software Software development SOP Spatio-temporal pattern formation Stability analysis Standards stat3 Statistics steatohepatitis steatosis Steatosis showcase stem cell differentiation stochastic ODEs stoichiometric modelling stoichiometric models Student Retreat 2011/Hünfeld SYBR Green System Dynamics systemic iron homeostasis systems biology TaqMan Target-Ligand-Modelling Tcf/Lef Text Mining TFs and gene regulation TGFbeta Theoretical Biology therapeutic categories timecourse TiO2 TLC/MALDI MS TLC/MALDI MS# TLR signaling TNFalpha topological network analysis Transcription factors Transcriptional regulation UIBC unsupervised clustering Upload tool user-friendly validation validation studies VEGF vessel Virtual Liver Portal Virtual Liver Retreat 2012 Hünfeld Virtual Liver Retreat 2013 Hünfeld Virtual Liver SEEK virtualisation VL PORTAL VLN VLN Directorate Presentation VLN Kick-off meeting Dresden Dec 2010 VLN Retreat 2012 Hünfeld VLN Retreat 2013 Hünfeld web server Western Blot whole genome gene expression analysis whole slide Wnt Wnt/beta-catenin pathway Wnt/β-catenin workflow WP-Meeting xenobiotics zonation

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