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Chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP) is a valuable tool to detect the interaction between a transcription factor (TF) and DNA fragments in vivo. This technology enables distinguishing between direct and indirect responsive targets when combined with approaches of gene expression assessment following activation of a TF. ChIP may be used to confirm in vivo association of a transcriptional regulator with suspected target DNA fragments. Moreover, this method may also be used to discover new targets, and when combined with high-throughput approaches for the DNA fragments identification, it is a suitable tool for studying gene regulatory networks during different physiological processes. Furthermore, ChIP is also a powerful means to map epigenetic modifications within a genome. The procedure of ChIP technique starting from cross-linking in hepatocytes until elution of final DNA fragments takes approx. 2 days. This protocol should be helpful to study many aspects of functional genomics in primary human hepatocytes (PHH).

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