Wordprocessing Optimality in the zonation of ammonia detoxification in rodent liver

Authors: M. Bartl, M. Pfaff, A. Ghallab, D. Driesch, S. G. Henkel, J. G. Hengstler, S. Schuster, C. Kaleta, R. Gebhardt, S. Zellmer, P. Li

PubMed ID: 26438405

Date Published: 5th Oct 2015

Projects: C3: Zonation of metabolism and its regulation

Journal: Arch Toxicol

Citation: Arch Toxicol. 2015 Nov;89(11):2069-78. doi: 10.1007/s00204-015-1596-4. Epub 2015 Oct 5.

Scales: Cell, Intercellular and Liver lobule

Abstract (Expand)

The rodent liver eliminates toxic ammonia. In mammals, three enzymes (or enzyme systems) are involved in this process: glutaminase, glutamine synthetase and the urea cycle enzymes, represented by ...

Created: 11th Dec 2015 at 09:07


Wordprocessing Oncostatin M regulates SOCS3 mRNA stability via the MEK-ERK1/2-pathway independent of p38(MAPK)/MK2

Authors: Christian Ehlting, Oliver Böhmer, Maximilian J Hahnel, Maria Thomas, Ulrich M Zanger, Matthias Gaestel, Wolfram T Knoefel, Jan Schulte Am Esch, Dieter Häussinger, Johannes G Bode

PubMed ID: 25562430

Date Published: 7th Jan 2015

Scales: Not specified

Abstract (Expand)

The induction of suppressor of cytokine signalling (SOCS)3 expression context dependently involves regulation of SOCS3 transcript stability as previously demonstrated for MAPK activated protein kinase ...

Created: 7th Jan 2015 at 14:25


Wordprocessing On Calculation of the Electrostatic Potential of a Phosphatidylinositol Phosphate-Containing Phosphatidylcholine Lipid Membrane Accounting for Membrane Dynamics

Authors: Jonathan C. Fuller, Michael Martinez, Rebecca C. Wade

DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0104778

Date Published: 20th Aug 2014

Projects: A3.2: Cross-talk of signaling pathways and endocytic machinery in hepato...

Journal: PLoS ONE

Citation: PLoS ONE 9(8) : e104778

Scales: Cell

Abstract (Expand)

Many signaling events require the binding of cytoplasmic proteins to cell membranes by recognition of specific charged lipids, such as phosphoinositol-phosphates. As a model for a protein-membrane ...

Created: 20th Aug 2014 at 19:55   Last updated: 20th Aug 2014 at 19:57


Wordprocessing Out of balance--systemic iron homeostasis in iron-related disorders

Authors: Andrea U Steinbicker, Martina U Muckenthaler

PubMed ID: 23917168

Date Published: 7th Aug 2013

Projects: B1.3: Linking modulation of iron metabolism with the impact of macrophag...

Journal: Nutrients

Citation: Nutrients 5(8): 3034-61

Scales: Cell, Intercellular and Organism

Abstract (Expand)

Iron is an essential element in our daily diet. Most iron is required for the de novo synthesis of red blood cells, where it plays a critical role in oxygen binding to hemoglobin. Thus, iron deficiency ...

Created: 20th Jan 2014 at 11:06


Wordprocessing Oxygen consumption rates during three different neuronal activity states in the hippocampal CA3 network

Authors: Christine Huchzermeyer, Nikolaus Berndt, Hermann-Georg Holzhütter, Oliver Kann

PubMed ID: 23168532

Date Published: 21st Nov 2012

Projects: No Projects

Journal: J. Cereb. Blood Flow Metab.

Citation: J. Cereb. Blood Flow Metab. 33(2): 263-71

Scales: Not specified

Abstract (Expand)

The brain is an organ with high metabolic rate. However, little is known about energy utilization during different activity states of neuronal networks. We addressed this issue in area CA3 of hippocampal ...

Created: 6th May 2013 at 09:30   Last updated: 24th Oct 2013 at 16:15


Wordprocessing Omics and Drug Response

Authors: Urs A Meyer, Ulrich M Zanger, Matthias Schwab

PubMed ID: 23140244

Date Published: 13th Nov 2012

Scales: Not specified

Abstract (Expand)

A new generation of technologies commonly named omics permits assessment of the entirety of the components of biological systems and produces an explosion of data and a major shift in our concepts of ...

Created: 5th Dec 2012 at 09:42   Last updated: 24th Oct 2013 at 16:15


Wordprocessing Organic anion transporters and their implications in pharmacotherapy

Authors: Arian Emami Riedmaier, Anne T Nies, Elke Schaeffeler, Matthias Schwab

PubMed ID: 22457399

Date Published: 28th Mar 2012

Projects: G2: Clinical Translation to Non-Invasive Volunteer Setting

Journal: Pharmacol. Rev.

Citation: Pharmacol. Rev. 64(3): 421-49

Scales: Not specified

Abstract (Expand)

Organic anion transporters play an essential role in the distribution and excretion of numerous endogenous metabolic products and exogenous organic anions, including a host of widely prescribed drugs. ...

Created: 18th Jul 2012 at 13:36   Last updated: 24th Oct 2013 at 16:16


Wordprocessing Oxidative changes of lipids monitored by MALDI MS

Authors: Beate Fuchs, Kristin Bresler, Jürgen Schiller

DOI: 10.1016/j.chemphyslip.2011.09.006

Date Published: 1st Nov 2011

Projects: No Projects

Journal: Chemistry and Physics of Lipids

Citation: Chemistry and Physics of Lipids 164(8) : 782

Scales: Not specified

Abstract (Expand)

Oxidation processes of lipids are of paramount interest from many viewpoints. For instance, oxidation processes are highly important under in vivo conditions because molecules with regulatory functions ...

Created: 4th Aug 2012 at 16:23   Last updated: 24th Oct 2013 at 16:17


Wordprocessing Organ patterning in the adult stage: the role of Wnt/beta-catenin signaling in liver zonation and beyond

Authors: Rolf Gebhardt, Amalya Hovhannisyan

PubMed ID: 19705440

Date Published: 26th Aug 2009

Projects: C: Liver lobule level, Showcase Steatosis

Journal: Dev. Dyn.

Citation: Dev. Dyn. 239(1): 45-55

Scales: Liver lobule and Liver

Abstract (Expand)

Wnt/beta-catenin signaling has been found to play key roles in metabolic zonation of adult liver, regeneration, and hepatocellular carcinogenesis. In this review, recent progress in this field is ...

Created: 20th Jul 2012 at 09:49   Last updated: 24th Oct 2013 at 16:21


Wordprocessing ON/OFF and beyond--a boolean model of apoptosis

Authors: Rebekka Schlatter, Kathrin Schmich, Ima Avalos Vizcarra, Peter Scheurich, Thomas Sauter, Christoph Borner, Michael Ederer, Irmgard Merfort, Oliver Sawodny

PubMed ID: 20011108

Date Published: 2nd Jul 2009

Projects: No Projects

Journal: PLoS Comput. Biol.

Citation: PLoS Comput. Biol. 5(12): e1000595

Scales: Not specified

Abstract (Expand)

Apoptosis is regulated by several signaling pathways which are extensively linked by crosstalks. Boolean or logical modeling has become a promising approach to capture the qualitative behavior of such ...

Created: 3rd Dec 2010 at 09:59   Last updated: 24th Oct 2013 at 16:21


Wordprocessing On the use of PIPSA to guide target-selective drug design

Authors: Stefan Henrich, Stefan Richter, Rebecca C Wade

PubMed ID: 18061917

Date Published: 7th Dec 2007

Projects: HepatoSys

Journal: ChemMedChem

Citation: ChemMedChem 3(3): 413-7

Scales: Not specified


Not specified

Created: 31st Oct 2012 at 14:20   Last updated: 24th Oct 2013 at 16:23

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