Wordprocessing KEGGViewer, a BioJS component to visualize KEGG Pathways

Authors: Jose M Villaveces, Rafael C Jimenez, Bianca H Habermann

PubMed ID: 24715980

Date Published: 13th Feb 2014

Projects: No Projects

Journal: F1000Res

Citation: F1000Res 3: 43

Scales: Not specified

Abstract (Expand)

Signaling pathways provide essential information on complex regulatory processes within the cell. They are moreover widely used to interpret and integrate data from large-scale studies, such as expression ...

Created: 11th Aug 2014 at 16:29


Wordprocessing Kinetic Modeling of Human Hepatic Glucose Metabolism in T2DM Predicts Higher Risk of Hypoglycemic Events in Rigorous Insulin Therapy

Authors: M. Koenig, H.-G. Holzhuetter

DOI: 10.1074/jbc.M112.382069

Date Published: 12th Sep 2012

Projects: A1.1: Central liver metabolism and its regulation under nutritional chal..., A1: Cellular metabolism, A3.4: Linking signalling to metabolic functions

Journal: Journal of Biological Chemistry

Citation: Journal of Biological Chemistry 287(44) : 36978

Scales: Cell and Liver

Abstract (Expand)

A major problem in the insulin therapy of patients with diabetes type 2 (T2DM) is the increased occurrence of hypoglycemic events which, if left untreated, may cause confusion or fainting and in severe ...

Created: 4th Oct 2012 at 18:18   Last updated: 24th Oct 2013 at 16:15


Wordprocessing Kinetic Modeling of the Mitochondrial Energy Metabolism of Neuronal Cells: The Impact of Reduced α-Ketoglutarate Dehydrogenase Activities on ATP Production and Generation of Reactive Oxygen Species

Authors: Nikolaus Berndt, Sascha Bulik, Hermann-Georg Holzhütter

PubMed ID: 22719765

Date Published: 10th Jun 2012

Projects: A1: Cellular metabolism

Journal: Int J Cell Biol

Citation: Int J Cell Biol 2012: 757594

Scales: Not specified

Abstract (Expand)

Reduced activity of brain α-ketoglutarate dehydrogenase complex (KGDHC) occurs in a number of neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson's disease and Alzheimer's disease. In order to quantify ...

Created: 18th Jul 2012 at 10:01   Last updated: 24th Oct 2013 at 16:16


Wordprocessing KEGGtranslator: visualizing and converting the KEGG PATHWAY database to various formats

Authors: Clemens Wrzodek, Andreas Dräger, Andreas Zell

PubMed ID: 21700675

Date Published: 25th Jun 2011

Scales: Cell and Intercellular

Abstract (Expand)

SUMMARY: The KEGG PATHWAY database provides a widely used service for metabolic and non-metabolic pathways. It contains manually drawn pathway maps with information about the genes, reactions and ...

Created: 30th Jun 2011 at 08:35   Last updated: 24th Oct 2013 at 16:18


Wordprocessing Kinetic hybrid models composed of mechanistic and simplified enzymatic rate laws--a promising method for speeding up the kinetic modelling of complex metabolic networks

Authors: Sascha Bulik, Sergio Grimbs, Carola Huthmacher, Joachim Selbig, Hermann G Holzhütter

PubMed ID: 19137631

Date Published: 13th Jan 2009

Projects: No Projects

Journal: FEBS J.

Citation: FEBS J. 276(2): 410-24

Scales: Not specified

Abstract (Expand)

Kinetic modelling of complex metabolic networks - a central goal of computational systems biology - is currently hampered by the lack of reliable rate equations for the majority of the underlying ...

Created: 4th Jan 2013 at 11:06   Last updated: 24th Oct 2013 at 16:22


Wordprocessing Kinetic mechanisms for overexpression insensitivity and oncogene cooperation

Authors: Stefan Legewie, Christine Sers, Hanspeter Herzel

PubMed ID: 19059249

Date Published: 4th Dec 2008

Projects: HepatoSys

Journal: FEBS Lett.

Citation: FEBS Lett. 583(1): 93-6

Scales: Not specified

Abstract (Expand)

Minor (5-10 fold) activation of mitogenic signalling cascades typically induces cell division upon extracellular stimulation and is sufficient to support tumourigenesis when permanently triggered by ...

Created: 11th Sep 2012 at 12:56   Last updated: 24th Oct 2013 at 16:22

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