SYCAMORE--a systems biology computational analysis and modeling research environment


SYCAMORE is a browser-based application that facilitates construction, simulation and analysis of kinetic models in systems biology. Thus, it allows e.g. database supported modelling, basic model checking and the estimation of unknown kinetic parameters based on protein structures. In addition, it offers some guidance in order to allow non-expert users to perform basic computational modelling tasks. AVAILABILITY: SYCAMORE is freely available for academic use at http://sycamore.eml.org. Commercial users may acquire a license. CONTACT: ursula.kummer@bioquant.uni-heidelberg.de.


Projects: F3: Kinetic data handling

Bioinformatics 24(12): 1463-4
7th May 2008

Andreas Weidemann, Stefan Richter, Matthias Stein, Sven Sahle, Ralph Gauges, Razif Gabdoulline, Irina Surovtsova, Nils Semmelrock, Bruno Besson, Isabel Rojas, Rebecca Wade, Ursula Kummer

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[Andreas Weidemann] [Rebecca Wade] [Ursula Kummer] [Sven Sahle]

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