A systems biology approach to dynamic modeling and inter-subject variability of statin pharmacokinetics in human hepatocytes


The individual character of pharmacokinetics is of great importance in the risk assessment of new drug leads in pharmacological research. Amongst others, it is severely influenced by the properties and inter-individual variability of the enzymes and transporters of the drug detoxification system of the liver. Predicting individual drug biotransformation capacity requires quantitative and detailed models.


Projects: A3.4: Linking signalling to metabolic functions

BMC Syst Biol
BMC Syst Biol 5: 66
6th May 2011

Joachim Bucher, Stephan Riedmaier, Anke Schnabel, Katrin Marcus, Gabriele Vacun, Thomas S Weiss, Wolfgang E Thasler, Andreas K Nüssler, Ulrich M Zanger, Matthias Reuss

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[Thomas Weiss] [Wolfgang E. Thasler] [Andreas Nüssler] [Ulrich Zanger]

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