Mechanistically linked serum miRNAs distinguish between drug induced and fatty liver disease of different grades


Hepatic steatosis is characterised by excessive triglyceride accumulation in the form of lipid droplets (LD); however, mechanisms differ in drug induced (DIS) and/or non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). Here we hypothesized distinct molecular circuits of microRNA/LD-associated target genes and searched for mechanistically linked serum and tissue biomarkers that would distinguish between DIS and human NAFLD of different grades. We analysed >800 rat hepatic whole genome data for 17 steatotic drugs and identified 157 distinct miRNAs targeting 77 DIS regulated genes. Subsequently, genomic data of N = 105 cases of human NAFLD and N = 32 healthy controls were compared to serum miRNA profiles of N = 167 NAFLD patients. This revealed N = 195 tissue-specific miRNAs being mechanistically linked to LD-coding genes and 24 and 9 miRNAs were commonly regulated in serum and tissue of advanced and mild NAFLD, respectively. The NASH serum regulated miRNAs informed on hepatic inflammation, adipocytokine and insulin signalling, ER-and caveolae associated activities and altered glycerolipid metabolism. Conversely, serum miRNAs associated with blunt steatosis specifically highlighted activity of FOXO1&HNF4alpha on CPT2, the lipid droplet and ER-lipid-raft associated PLIN3 and Erlin1. Altogether, serum miRNAs informed on the molecular pathophysiology of NAFLD and permitted differentiation between DIS and NAFLD of different grades.


Projects: A3.6: Transcription factor network and links to metabolism in NAFLD

Sci Rep
Sci Rep. 2016 Apr 5;6:23709. doi: 10.1038/srep23709.
6th Apr 2016

Z. Liu, Y. Wang, J. Borlak, W. Tong

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