JSBML 1.0: providing a smorgasbord of options to encode systems biology models


JSBML, the official pure Java programming library for the SBML format, has evolved with the advent of different modeling formalisms in systems biology and their ability to be exchanged and represented via extensions of SBML. JSBML has matured into a major, active open-source project with contributions from a growing, international team of developers who not only maintain compatibility with SBML, but also drive steady improvements to the Java interface and promote ease-of-use with end users.


Projects: A3.4: Linking signalling to metabolic functions, B5: Cell-cell communication influences detoxifying functions in hepatocytes

Bioinformatics :
17th Jun 2015

N. Rodriguez, A. Thomas, L. Watanabe, I. Y. Vazirabad, V. Kofia, H. F. Gomez, F. Mittag, J. Matthes, J. Rudolph, F. Wrzodek, E. Netz, A. Diamantikos, J. Eichner, R. Keller, C. Wrzodek, S. Frohlich, N. E. Lewis, C. J. Myers, N. Le Novere, B. O. Palsson, M. Hucka, A. Drager

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[Roland Keller] [Nicolas Le Novère] [Andreas Dräger]

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  • Created: 22nd Jun 2015 at 17:56

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