Submassive hepatic necrosis distinguishes HBV-associated acute on chronic liver failure from cirrhotic patients with acute decompensation


Distinguishing between acute on chronic liver failure (ACLF) and decompensated liver cirrhosis is difficult due to a lack of pathological evidence.


Projects: C5: Structural changes and functional consequences of the liver lobular/...

J. Hepatol.
J. Hepatol. :
4th Feb 2015

Hai Li, Qiang Xia, Bo Zeng, Shu-Ting Li, Heng Liu, Qi Li, Jun Li, Shu-Yin Yang, Xiao-Jun Dong, Ting Gao, Stefan Munker, Yan Liu, Roman Liebe, Feng Xue, Qi-Gen Li, Xiao-Song Chen, Qiang Liu, Hui Zeng, Ji-Yao Wang, Qing Xie, Qin-Hua Meng, Jie-Fei Wang, Peter R Mertens, Frank Lammert, Manfred V Singer, Steven Dooley, Matthias P A Ebert, De-Kai Qiu, Tai-Ling Wang, Hong-Lei Weng

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[Roman Liebe] [Frank Lammert] [Steven Dooley]

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Liver and Organism
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