COMBINE archive and OMEX format: one file to share all information to reproduce a modeling project


BackgroundWith the ever increasing use of computational models in the biosciences, the need to share models and reproduce the results of published studies efficiently and easily is becoming more important. To this end, various standards have been proposed that can be used to describe models, simulations, data or other essential information in a consistent fashion. These constitute various separate components required to reproduce a given published scientific result.ResultsWe describe the Open Modeling EXchange format (OMEX). Together with the use of other standard formats from the Computational Modeling in Biology Network (COMBINE), OMEX is the basis of the COMBINE Archive, a single file that supports the exchange of all the information necessary for a modeling and simulation experiment in biology. An OMEX file is a ZIP container that includes a manifest file, listing the content of the archive, an optional metadata file adding information about the archive and its content, and the files describing the model. The content of a COMBINE Archive consists of files encoded in COMBINE standards whenever possible, but may include additional files defined by an Internet Media Type. Several tools that support the COMBINE Archive are available, either as independent libraries or embedded in modeling software.ConclusionsThe COMBINE Archive facilitates the reproduction of modeling and simulation experiments in biology by embedding all the relevant information in one file. Having all the information stored and exchanged at once also helps in building activity logs and audit trails. We anticipate that the COMBINE Archive will become a significant help for modellers, as the domain moves to larger, more complex experiments such as multi-scale models of organs, digital organisms, and bioengineering.


Projects: F1: The data management system

BMC Bioinformatics
BMC Bioinformatics 15(1): 369
14th Dec 2014

Frank T Bergmann, Richard Adams, Stuart Moodie, Jonathan Cooper, Mihai Glont, Martin Golebiewski, Michael Hucka, Camille Laibe, Andrew K Miller, David P Nickerson, Brett G Olivier, Nicolas Rodriguez, Herbert M Sauro, Martin Scharm, Stian Soiland-Reyes, Dagmar Waltemath, Florent Yvon, Nicolas Le Novère

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[Frank Bergmann] [Martin Golebiewski] [Nicolas Le Novère]

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