PsicquicGraph, a BioJS component to visualize molecular interactions from PSICQUIC servers


Protein interaction networks have become an essential tool in large-scale data analysis, integration, and the visualization of high-throughput data in the context of complex cellular networks. Many individual databases are available that provide information on binary interactions of proteins and small molecules. Community efforts such as PSICQUIC aim to unify and standardize information emanating from these public databases. Here we introduce PsicquicGraph, an open-source, web-based visualization component for molecular interactions from PSIQUIC services.


Projects: A1.3: Identification of crucial metabolic processes during hepatocyte pr..., A3.2: Cross-talk of signaling pathways and endocytic machinery in hepato..., A3.5: The impact of cell polarity on metabolism detoxification and endoc..., A3: Crosslinking signalling metabolism and hepatocyte polarisation, C2: Organization of the sinusoidal system and the liver lobule - referen..., C5: Structural changes and functional consequences of the liver lobular/..., C6: Organization and function of the sinusoidal system and the liver lob...

F1000Res 3: 44
13th Feb 2014

Jose M Villaveces, Rafael C Jimenez, Bianca H Habermann

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[Jose Villaveces] [Bianca Habermann]

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  • Created: 11th Aug 2014 at 16:31

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