Mouse granzyme K has pro-inflammatory potential


Granzymes (gzms) are key components of T-killer (Tc) cells believed to mediate pro-apoptotic activities. Recent evidence suggests that gzms also possess non-cytotoxic activities that contribute to host defense. In this study, we show that Tc cells from lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus (LCMV)-infected wild-type (wt) and gzm A/B-deficient mice express similar levels of gzmK protein, with both mouse strains efficiently controlling infection. GzmK, in recombinant form or secreted by ex vivo-derived LCMV-immune gzmAxB(-/-) Tc cells, lacks pro-apoptotic activity. Instead, gzmK induces primary mouse macrophages to process and secrete interleukin-1β, independent of the ATP receptor P2X(7). Together with the finding that IL-1Ra (Anakinra) treatment inhibits virus elimination but not generation of cytotoxic Tc cells in wt mice, the data suggest that Tc cells control LCMV through non-cytotoxic processes that involve gzmK.


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Cell Death Differ.
Cell Death Differ. 18(7): 1112-9
11th Feb 2011

L T Joeckel, R Wallich, P Martin, D Sanchez-Martinez, F C Weber, S F Martin, C Borner, J Pardo, C Froelich, M M Simon

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