Isolation and hepatocyte differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells from porcine bone marrow--"surgical waste" as a novel MSC source


Mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) isolated from bone marrow and differentiated into hepatocyte-like cells have increasingly gained attention for clinical cell therapy of liver diseases because of their high regenerative capacity. They are available from bone marrow aspirates of the os coxae after puncture of the crista iliaca or from bone marrow "surgical waste" gained from amputations or knee and hip operations. Thus, the aim of the study was to demonstrate whether these pBM-MSC (porcine bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells) displayed mesenchymal features and hepatocyte differentiation potential. MSC were isolated either from crista iliaca punctures or after sampling and collagenase digestion of bone marrow from the os femoris. Mesenchymal features were assessed by flow cytometry for specific surface antigens and their ability to differentiate into at least 3 lineages. Functional properties, such as urea or glycogen synthesis and cytochrome P450 activity, as well as the cell morphology were examined during hepatocyte differentiation. pBM-MSC from both sources lacked the hematopoietic markers CD14 and CD45 but expressed the typical mesenchymal markers CD44, CD29, CD90, and CD105. Both cell types could differentiate into adipocyte, osteocyte, and hepatocyte lineages. After hepatocyte differentiation, CD105 expression decreased significantly and cells changed morphology from fibroblastoid into polygonal, displaying significantly increased glycogen storage, urea synthesis, and cytochrome activity. pBM-MSC from various sources were identical in respect to their mesenchymal features and their hepatocyte differentiation potential. Hence, long bones might be a particularly useful resource to isolate bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells for transplantation.


Projects: C6: Organization and function of the sinusoidal system and the liver lob..., G: Clinical translation, Showcase Steatosis

Transplant. Proc.
Transplant. Proc. 45(5): 2056-8
19th Jun 2013

S Brückner, H-M Tautenhahn, S Winkler, P Stock, S Jonas, M Dollinger, B Christ

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[Sandra Brückner] [Bruno Christ] [Karl Winkler]

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  • Created: 19th Nov 2013 at 11:47

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