Practical quantification of necrosis in histological whole-slide images


Since the histological quantification of necrosis is a common task in medical research and practice, we evaluate different image analysis methods for quantifying necrosis in whole-slide images. In a practical usage scenario, we assess the impact of different classification algorithms and feature sets on both accuracy and computation time. We show how a well-chosen combination of multiresolution features and an efficient postprocessing step enables the accurate quantification necrosis in gigapixel images in less than a minute. The results are general enough to be applied to other areas of histological image analysis as well.


Projects: CTU Image Processing, D4: Regeneration and Liver Size

Comput Med Imaging Graph
Comput Med Imaging Graph 37(4): 313-22
21st Jun 2013

André Homeyer, Andrea Schenk, Janine Arlt, Uta Dahmen, Olaf Dirsch, Horst K Hahn

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[André Homeyer] [Andrea Schenk] [Uta Dahmen] [Olaf Dirsch] [Janine Arlt]

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Liver lobule and Liver
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  • Created: 7th Nov 2013 at 08:56

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