webPIPSA: a web server for the comparison of protein interaction properties


Protein molecular interaction fields are key determinants of protein functionality. PIPSA (Protein Interaction Property Similarity Analysis) is a procedure to compare and analyze protein molecular interaction fields, such as the electrostatic potential. PIPSA may assist in protein functional assignment, classification of proteins, the comparison of binding properties and the estimation of enzyme kinetic parameters. webPIPSA is a web server that enables the use of PIPSA to compare and analyze protein electrostatic potentials. While PIPSA can be run with downloadable software (see http://projects.eml.org/mcm/software/pipsa), webPIPSA extends and simplifies a PIPSA run. This allows non-expert users to perform PIPSA for their protein datasets. With input protein coordinates, the superposition of protein structures, as well as the computation and analysis of electrostatic potentials, is automated. The results are provided as electrostatic similarity matrices from an all-pairwise comparison of the proteins which can be subjected to clustering and visualized as epograms (tree-like diagrams showing electrostatic potential differences) or heat maps. webPIPSA is freely available at: http://pipsa.eml.org.


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Nucleic Acids Res.
Nucleic Acids Res. 36(Web Server issue): W276-80
17th Apr 2008

Stefan Richter, Anne Wenzel, Matthias Stein, Razif R Gabdoulline, Rebecca C Wade

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