Systemic iron homeostasis and the iron-responsive element/iron-regulatory protein (IRE/IRP) regulatory network


The regulation and maintenance of systemic iron homeostasis is critical to human health. Iron overload and deficiency diseases belong to the most common nutrition-related pathologies across the globe. It is now well appreciated that the hormonal hepcidin/ferroportin system plays an important regulatory role for systemic iron metabolism. We review recent data that uncover the importance of the cellular iron-responsive element/iron-regulatory protein (IRE/IRP) regulatory network in systemic iron homeostasis. We also discuss how the IRE/IRP regulatory system communicates with the hepcidin/ferroportin system to connect the control networks for systemic and cellular iron balance.


Projects: HepatoSys

Annu. Rev. Nutr.
Annu. Rev. Nutr. 28: 197-213
21st May 2008

Martina U Muckenthaler, Bruno Galy, Matthias W Hentze

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[Martina Muckenthaler] [Bruno Galy] [Matthias Hentze]

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