Applications and trends in systems biology in biochemistry


Systems biology has received an ever increasing interest during the last decade. A large amount of third-party funding is spent on this topic, which involves quantitative experimentation integrated with computational modeling. Industrial companies are also starting to use this approach more and more often, especially in pharmaceutical research and biotechnology. This leads to the question of whether such interest is wisely invested and whether there are success stories to be told for basic science and/or technology/biomedicine. In this review, we focus on the application of systems biology approaches that have been employed to shed light on both biochemical functions and previously unknown mechanisms. We point out which computational and experimental methods are employed most frequently and which trends in systems biology research can be observed. Finally, we discuss some problems that we have encountered in publications in the field.


Projects: HepatoSys, Virtual Liver

FEBS J. 278(16): 2767-857
26th Jul 2011

Katrin Hübner, Sven Sahle, Ursula Kummer

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