Genome-wide comparison between IL-17 and combined TNF-alpha/IL-17 induced genes in primary murine hepatocytes


Cytokines such as TNF-alpha and IL-1 beta are known for their contribution to inflammatory processes in liver. In contrast, the cytokine IL-17 has not yet been assigned a role in liver diseases. IL-17 can cooperate with TNF-alpha to induce a synergistic response on several target genes in different cell lines, but no data exist for primary hepatocytes. To enhance our knowledge on the impact of IL-17 alone and combined with TNF-alpha in primary murine hepatocytes a comprehensive microarray study was designed. IL-1 beta was included as this cytokine is suggested to act in a similar manner as the combination of TNF-alpha and IL-17, especially with respect to its role in mRNA stabilization.


Projects: A1.3: Identification of crucial metabolic processes during hepatocyte pr..., A2.2: Regulation of pro-apoptotic and anti-apoptotic responses in hepato..., A2.4: Linking signalling pathways regulating liver regeneration and orga..., A3.2: Cross-talk of signaling pathways and endocytic machinery in hepato..., HepatoSys

BMC Genomics
BMC Genomics 11: 226
7th Apr 2010

Titus Sparna, Julia Rétey, Kathrin Schmich, Ute Albrecht, Katrin Naumann, Norbert Gretz, Hans-Peter Fischer, Johannes G Bode, Irmgard Merfort

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[Ute Albrecht] [Johannes Bode] [Irmgard Merfort]

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