Ppt Highlight 1: Steven Dooley - Imaging and data generation of liver inflammation and fibrosis

Uploader: Iryna Ilkavets

Contributor: Anastasia Bachmann, Dirk Drasdo, Frank Herweck, Iryna Ilkavets, Jan Georg Hengstler, Stefan Höhme, Steven Dooley

Other contributors: Hamed Alborzy

Scales: Liver lobule

No description specified

Created: 8th Sep 2011 at 13:17   Last updated: 10th Jun 2013 at 17:53


Pdf How to prepare an input for the Portal?

Uploader: Iryna Ilkavets

Contributor: Iryna Ilkavets, Ivan Savora, Martin Golebiewski, Meik Bittkowski, Wolfgang Müller

Other contributors: Not specified

Scales: Cell, Intercellular, Liver lobule, Liver and Organism

The Portal:
6 dimensions to organize content
easy information about difficult topics
quick and easy to publish the input
visibility to the public, colleagues and funders
presentation of the work of group

Created: 8th May 2014 at 15:24

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