Building a liver knowledgebase: ontology-based representation of liver biochemical processes and their evidence

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Computational approaches to study biochemistry require machine accessible representations of biochemical knowledge. Based on the requirements for assembling, managing and analysing genome-scale constraint-based models of liver metabolism we developed a semantic data model for representation of liver biochemical knowledge. Employing a role-based representation of biochemical processes as molecular events specified in the Web Ontology Language (OWL) we here outline an information model that employs sidecar evidence ontologies to represent the evidence for the asserted properties of and among biochemical entities of the liver biochemical network alongside the biochemical processes themselves with great detail and conforming to OWL semantics. Our approach overcomes previous limitations in the modeling and evaluating biochemical pathways and evidence. We discuss how these elements can be incorporated in resources for representation and analysis of liver biochemistry.

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[Christian Bölling] [Michael Weidlich] [Hermann-Georg Holzhütter]

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