NFkappaB signalling in primary hepatocytes

We created an ODE-based model of TNFalpha-induced NFkappaB signalling in primary hepatocytes.

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NFkappaB signalling in primary hepatocytes.xml XML document 138 KB Download
NFkappaB signalling in primary hepatocytes.cps XML document 203 KB Download

Organism: Not specified

Model type: Ordinary differential equations (ODE)

Model format: SBML

Execution or visualisation environment: Copasi

Model image: (Click on the image to zoom)

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[Katharina Beuke] [Ursula Kummer] [Sven Sahle]

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  • Created: 19th Oct 2012 at 17:26
  • Last updated: 10th Jan 2013 at 10:18
  • Last used: 25th Sep 2021 at 18:47

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