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We strongly recommend using the following controlled vocabularies and data resources for data annotation:

Entity Resource Example ID Database URL MIRIAM URN
Protein UNIPROT P23470 urn:miriam:uniprot
Gene (human) HUGO Gene Nomenclature Committee (HGNC) HGNC:2674 urn:miriam:hgnc
Gene (mouse) Mouse Genome Database (MGI) MGI:2442292 urn:miriam:mgd
Chemical ChEBI CHEBI:17234 urn:miriam:obo.chebi
Chemical KEGG Compund C0003 urn:miriam:kegg.compound
Chemical PubChem 24749 urn:miriam:pubchem.compound
Reaction Kinetics SABIO-RK 5046 urn:miriam:sabiork.reaction
Enzymatic Activities Enzyme Nomenclature (EC) EC urn:miriam:ec-code
Pathways KEGG Pathways map00480 urn:miriam:kegg.pathway
Reactions KEGG Reaction R00100 urn:miriam:kegg.reaction
Reactions Rhea 12345 urn:miriam:rhea
Reactions SABIO-RK Reactions 135 urn:miriam:sabiork.reaction
Tissue Brenda Tissue Ontology (BTO) BTO:0002741 urn:miriam:obo.bto
Cellular Location Gene Ontology GO:0005634 urn:miriam:obo.go
Molecular Function Gene Ontology GO:0046811 urn:miriam:obo.go
Biological Process Gene Ontology GO:0070365 urn:miriam:obo.go
Literature PubMed PMID:20738395 urn:miriam:pubmed

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