Vcalendar Kinetics on the move: Workshop on Data for Computational Modeling

Start Date: 30th May 2016

End Date: 31st May 2016

Event Website:

Country:  DeGermany

City: 69118 Heidelberg

Do you work in the lab and always wonder what these bioinformaticians do with the data you generate? Would you like to use models to verify a hypothesis or test your experimental data? Then this workshop may be right for you.

The workshop focuses on the publication, curation, retrieval, and usage of kinetic data from the reaction kinetics database SABIO-RK and on the use of data in modeling. There will be experience reports from scientists who successfully used experimental data to formulate or

Created: 8th Mar 2016 at 14:05

Vcalendar 17th International Conference on Systems Biology (ICSB 2016)

Start Date: 16th Sep 2016

End Date: 20th Sep 2016

Event Website:

Country:  EsSpain

City: Barcelona

Speakers from around the world will interact with the global and local systems biology community – sharing ideas, discussing results and debating on the future of this exciting and fast-evolving field. A number of themes will be covered, including: fundamentals of modelling networks, circuits and pathways, spatial and multicellular systems, image-driven systems biology, evolution, noise and decision-making in single cells, systems biology of disease and immunology, and personalised medicine.


Created: 8th Jan 2016 at 13:26

Vcalendar 4th International Congress on Translational Medicine - 4th Annual Congress of the European Society for Translational Medicine - EUSTM-2016

Start Date: 17th Oct 2016

End Date: 20th Oct 2016

Event Website: Not specified

Country:  CzCzech Republic

City: Prague

European Society for Translational Medicine (EUSTM)
Global Translational Medicine Consortium (GTMC)

Conference Website:

EUSTM-2016 will discuss and showcase latest developments in specific
areas of cellular & molecular biology, big data mining & omics sciences,
biomarkers & molecular imaging, drug discovery & development, Precision
medicine & point of care diagnostics and disease modeling. The
conference will unite

Created: 14th Dec 2015 at 10:21

Vcalendar EMBO Conference on Visualizing Biological Data (VIZBI 2016)

Start Date: 9th Mar 2016

End Date: 11th Mar 2016

Event Website:

Country:  DeGermany

City: Heidelberg

VIZBI brings together scientists, illustrators, and designers actively using or developing computational visualization to study a diverse range of biological data. The conference features 21 invited talks that will review the state-of-the-art and challenges in visualizing data from genomes, transcripts, proteins, cells, organisms, and populations. Prior to the meeting (Tuesday, 8 March), there will also be tutorials on several visualization tools.

Created: 14th Aug 2015 at 13:09

Vcalendar EMBL / Stanford Conference: Personalised Health

Start Date: 16th Nov 2015

End Date: 19th Nov 2015

Event Website:

Country:  DeGermany

City: Heidelberg

This joint EMBL-Stanford conference addresses the promises and challenges of bringing basic research in systems biology into medical practice. It assembles leading basic and clinical researchers to share and discuss the topics on

- Big Data in Personalised Medicine
- Omics technologies and the molecular basis of health and diseases
- Experimental Models of Systems Medicine
- Personalised Medicine in Practice
- From Genotype to Disease Predictions
- Innovation in Technology towards Personalised

Created: 14th Aug 2015 at 12:52

Vcalendar BIOMS / EMBL Conference: Physics of cells and tissues 2015 - modelling meets experiment

Start Date: 30th Sep 2015

End Date: 2nd Oct 2015

Event Website:

Country:  DeGermany

City: Heidelberg

The aim of this conference is to bring together some of the leading researchers in the emerging field of “Physics of cells and tissues”, which has experienced a dramatic growth over the last years. Fueled by advances in experimental techniques, cells and their communities can now be approached quantitatively to a much higher degree than formerly thought possible. We are now at the brink of establishing a physical picture of how cells interact with their environment and with this conference we

Created: 14th Aug 2015 at 12:23

Vcalendar 3rd International Systems Biomedicine Symposium "Big Data in Health Care - Challenges, Innovations and Implementation"

Start Date: 28th Oct 2015

End Date: 29th Oct 2015

Event Website:

Country:  LuLuxembourg

City: Munsbach

The main objective of the Symposium is to bring together worldwide experts from academia, industry, doctors, policy makers and patient organisations in the field of Big data in Health Care to exchange about state-of-the-art research and technologies. The aim is to critically review the current scientific knowledge and the entire life cycle of Big Data in Health Care.

Created: 7th Aug 2015 at 13:00

Vcalendar 4th Conference on Constraint-Based Reconstruction and Analysis (COBRA 2015)

Country:  DeGermany

City: Heidelberg

Regulation of metabolic activity in response to environmental and genetic perturbations is fundamental to the growth and maintenance of all cells. Linking the genome to its functioning metabolism is therefore of substantial interest in diverse biological research areas ranging from cancer to industrial biotechnology. To this end, Constraint-based Reconstruction and Analysis (COBRA) is rapidly being established as the method of choice for studying cellular metabolism in a global and unbiased

Created: 7th Aug 2015 at 12:56

Vcalendar Workshop: Reproducible and Citable Data and Models

Start Date: 14th Sep 2015

End Date: 16th Sep 2015

Event Website:

Country:  DeGermany

City: Rostock

This workshop is for computational biologists and experimentalists who wish to learn about standards, citeable data, about how to make scientific results sustainable, available through open repositories, and about how to find and reuse other people’s works. It comprises of a mixture of lectures and hands-on sessions. We will teach you the major standards and tools that support these standards.

Registration is open until July 1, 2015

The Data citation workshop (14-15 September 2015) will be a

Created: 1st Jun 2015 at 09:36   Last updated: 1st Jun 2015 at 09:43

Vcalendar DECHEMA Summer School Quantitative Biology: Current concepts and tools for strain development

Start Date: 20th Jul 2015

End Date: 24th Jul 2015

Event Website:

Country:  DeGermany

City: Berlin

To enable biologists, biotechnologists, and biochemical engineers to pursue this interdisciplinary challenge, it is mandatory to strengthen both the mathematical skills of biologists and the engineers’ knowledge of basic biological concepts and nomenclatures.

The summer school schedule allows participants to familiarize themselves with relevant biological concepts from systems and synthetic biology, with mathematical modeling strategies and appropriate technologies and software tools. Biologists

Created: 1st Jun 2015 at 09:26

Vcalendar ISMB/ECCB 2015 - 23rd Annual International Conference on Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology and the 14th European Conference on Computational Biology

Start Date: 10th Jul 2015

End Date: 14th Jul 2015

Event Website:

Country:  IeIreland

City: Dublin

The annual international conference on Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology (ISMB) is the major meeting of the International Society for Computational Biology (ISCB). Over the past 22 years the ISMB conference has grown to become the world's largest bioinformatics/computational biology conference.

The conferences provide a multidisciplinary forum for disseminating the latest developments in bioinformatics/computational biology. ISMB/ECCB brings together scientists from computer science,

Created: 1st Jun 2015 at 09:17

Vcalendar 7th International Practical Course in Systems Biology

Start Date: 1st Jun 2015

End Date: 12th Jun 2015

Event Website:

Country:  SeSweden

City: Gothenburg

The 7th International Practical Course in Systems Biology (ICYSB) is sponsored by FEBS and ERASysAPP, an ERA-Net (network of funding agencies) on the non-clinical application of Systems Biology.. ICYSB will be an intense hands-on Systems Biology experience. The course focuses on general principles of systems analysis of dynamic cellular systems employing yeast as an experimental organism. It will be open for students with experimental and/or theoretical background. It is expected that students

Created: 1st Jun 2015 at 09:10

Vcalendar Metabolic Pathways Analysis 2015

Start Date: 8th Jun 2015

End Date: 12th Jun 2015

Event Website:

Country:  PtPortugal

City: Braga

The meeting has a primary focus on the structural (topological) analysis of metabolic networks, and in particular techniques allied to linear algebra, linear programming and computer modelling applied to different fields such as industrial biotechnology and health sciences.

Metabolic pathway analysis
Metabolic flux analysis
Control and Regulation of Metabolism
Metabolic modelling
Design and Evolution of Metabolic Systems
Biotechnological Applications

Organized in partnership with the

Created: 1st Jun 2015 at 09:04

Vcalendar International Conference on Systems Biology of Human Disease (SBHD2015)

Start Date: 6th Jul 2015

End Date: 8th Jul 2015

Event Website:

Country:  DeGermany

City: Heidelberg

The International Conference on Systems Biology of Human Disease (SBHD) is a transatlantic event and communication platform for scientific exchange between the United States and Germany. It takes place alternately between the two countries. SBHD 2015 is continuing a conference series launched by Peter Sorger and colleagues from Harvard Medical School some years ago. The conference focus is on mammalian systems biology, particularly as it applies to human disease and therapy.

Abstract Submission

Created: 1st Jun 2015 at 08:55

Vcalendar 16th International Conference on Systems Biology (ICSB 2015)

Start Date: 23rd Nov 2015

End Date: 26th Nov 2015

Event Website:

Country:  SgSingapore

City: Singapore

Initiated by Hiroaki Kitano in 2000, the ICSB has become one of the most important forums for the global systems biology community. The annual gathering attracts top systems biologists and interdisciplinary researchers from all over the world to display and discuss the most recent achievements and discoveries.

- Fundamental of Systems and Synthetic Biology
- Systems Approaches to Healthcare and Drug Discovery
- Energy and Environment
- Agriculture and Biotechnology


Created: 13th Aug 2014 at 17:40   Last updated: 1st Jun 2015 at 08:43

Vcalendar COMBINE 2015

Start Date: 12th Oct 2015

End Date: 16th Oct 2015

Event Website:

Country:  UsUnited States

City: Salt Lake City, UT

The Computational Modeling in Biology Network (COMBINE) is an initiative to coordinate the development of the various community standards and formats in systems biology and related fields. The annual COMBINE meeting is a workshop-style event with oral presentations, posters and breakout sessions. The meeting includes talks about the COMBINE standards and associated or related standardization efforts, as well as presentations of tools using these standards. Oral presentations are selected from

Created: 16th Mar 2015 at 13:55

Vcalendar MultiSim Modelathon

Start Date: 24th Aug 2015

End Date: 26th Aug 2015

Event Website:

Country:  GbUnited Kingdom

City: Sheffield

The MultiSim Modelathon is based on the concept of the hackathon events where different teams work on a challenging problem to ‘hack’ a computer code. Here there is no ‘hacking’ but ‘modelling’. The teams will compete to solve a multiscale biomechanical problem within the musculoskeletal system using state-of-the-art techniques and software. It will provide an opportunity for young specialists working in the area of multiscale modelling. The event is open to all PhD students and Post-doctoral

Created: 16th Mar 2015 at 13:49

Vcalendar 8th International Biocuration Conference

Start Date: 23rd Apr 2015

End Date: 26th Apr 2015

Event Website:

Country:  CnChina

City: Beijing

No description specified

Created: 13th Aug 2014 at 16:25

Vcalendar HARMONY 2015: The Hackathon on Resources for Modeling in Biology

Start Date: 20th Apr 2015

End Date: 24th Apr 2015

Event Website:

Country:  DeGermany

City: Wittenberg

HARMONY is a hackathon-type meeting, with a focus on development of the standards, interoperability and infrastructure. There are generally not many general discussions or oral presentations during HARMONY; instead, the time is devoted to allowing hands-on hacking and interaction between people focused on practical development of software and standards.

Created: 13th Aug 2014 at 16:18   Last updated: 13th Aug 2014 at 16:19

Vcalendar NORMSYS/ISBE Workshop: Standards for Data and Model Exchange in Systems Biology

Start Date: 18th Sep 2014

End Date: 18th Sep 2014

Event Website:

Country:  AuAustralia

City: Melbourne

The workshop will bring together experimentalists and modellers, as well as representatives from national and international standardization bodies. It will include discussions of the current state of standardization in the different fields of systems biology. The aim is to identify overlaps, possible interoperability and interfacing options between the corresponding standards. The meeting will help to better coordinate the standardization efforts in systems biology and should provide a foundation

Created: 18th Jul 2014 at 11:47

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