Vcalendar NORMSYS/ISBE Workshop: Standards for Data and Model Exchange in Systems Biology

Start Date: 18th Sep 2014

End Date: 18th Sep 2014

Event Website:

Country:  AuAustralia

City: Melbourne

The workshop will bring together experimentalists and modellers, as well as representatives from national and international standardization bodies. It will include discussions of the current state of standardization in the different fields of systems biology. The aim is to identify overlaps, possible interoperability and interfacing options between the corresponding standards. The meeting will help to better coordinate the standardization efforts in systems biology and should provide a foundation

Created: 18th Jul 2014 at 11:47

Vcalendar NCSB Tutorial: Multiscale, Cell-based Modelling in Biological Development and Cancer

Start Date: 15th Nov 2013

End Date: 15th Nov 2013

Event Website:

Country:  NlNetherlands

City: Leiden

This one-day tutorial will give PhD students and postdocs an introduction and some hands-on experience in multiscale, cell-based modelling of biological tissues. The tutorial will discuss the key role of multiscale feedback loops in developmental biology (e.g. in cell sorting, blood vessel development), and in tumour biology. It will then show, using simple, hands-on examples, how computational, cell-based modelling helps to analyse multiscale feedback loops. After discussing a range of cell-based

Created: 14th Nov 2013 at 14:18

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