ICSU bio‐unions satellite symposium: Multi‐Scale Systems Biology

The International Council for Science’s first collaborative Bio-unions Symposium is a satellite conference of the 2013 IUPS Congress, and will bring together, at the Royal Society’s stately Chicheley Hall, scientists working on all aspects of systems biology. The meeting will bring together representatives of the ICSU Bio-Unions to develop a roadmap for the development of multi-scale systems biology that addresses the diverse needs of these unions, as well as the wider systems biology community. The National Institutes of Health’s definition states that systems biology is an approach in biomedical research to understand the larger picture — be it at the level of the organism, tissue, or cell — by putting its pieces together. It’s in stark contrast to decades of reductionist biology, which involves taking the pieces apart.

Projects: Virtual Liver

Martin Golebiewski

28th Jul 2013

29th Jul 2013

Chicheley Hall


 GbUnited Kingdom

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