International Symposium on Integrative Bioinformatics 2014

The challenge for Integrative Bioinformatics in the e-Science age is to capture, model, integrate, and analyse data generated in high throughput experiments in a consistent way. The aim is to provide systematic and integrative insights into complex biological systems. This tenth meeting on Integrative Bioinformatics will be of interested to Bioinformaticians, Computer Scientists, Systems Biologists, Synthetic Biologists and others working in, or interested in finding out more about, the developing area of integrative bioinformatics. The meeting will provide and excellent environment and range of opportunities to present and discuss methods, theoretical approaches, and their practical applications.

Full paper submission deadline: 17th February, 2014
Poster and software demo submission deadline: 31th March, 2014

Projects: Virtual Liver

Martin Golebiewski

12th May 2014

14th May 2014

Newcastle University


 GbUnited Kingdom

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