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Html webSDA

Uploader: Antonia Stank

Contributor: Jonathan Fuller, Rebecca Wade

Other contributors: Xiaofeng Yu, Michael Martinez, Annika L. Gable, Neil J. Bruce, Stefan Richte

Scales: Cell

webSDA: a web server to simulate macromolecular diffusional association.

Created: 18th Sep 2015 at 14:47   Last updated: 18th Sep 2015 at 14:48


Doc Working with biological networks in VLN

Uploader: Jose Villaveces

Contributor: Jose Villaveces

Other contributors: Not specified

Scales: Not specified

The use of biological networks for interpreting data is becoming a standard in bioinformatics analysis. It enables us to look at a process from the perspective of pathways and network modules rather than single genes. Yet, there are still many obstacles when dealing with biological networks, such as protein-protein interaction or genetic networks. Firstly, these type of networks represent binary, rather than complex biological interactions; then, networks are still viewed as ‘static’ and do not

Created: 19th Oct 2011 at 16:14   Last updated: 21st Oct 2011 at 11:22

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