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Xls test parsing hünfeld

Uploader: Meik Bittkowski

Contributor: Martin Golebiewski, Meik Bittkowski

Other contributors: Not specified

Version: 1

Projects: F: Data management

Scales: Not specified

No description specified

Created: 30th Oct 2013 at 11:07   Last updated: 13th Apr 2016 at 13:33


Pdf TGF-β induced hepatocellular Wisp1 is expressed in HCC and drives proliferation of epithelial type cancer cells

Uploader: Iryna Ilkavets

Contributor: Iryna Ilkavets, Steven Dooley

Other contributors: Not specified

Scales: Cell, Intercellular and Liver lobule

Invited conference talk at Cold Spring Harbour Asia Meeting Shuzou 2012 Liver Metabolism, Diseases & Cancer

Created: 31st Oct 2012 at 12:52   Last updated: 10th Jun 2013 at 11:10

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