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The use of biological networks for interpreting data is becoming a standard in bioinformatics analysis. It enables us to look at a process from the perspective of pathways and network modules rather than single genes. Yet, there are still many obstacles when dealing with biological networks, such as protein-protein interaction or genetic networks. Firstly, these type of networks represent binary, rather than complex biological interactions; then, networks are still viewed as ‘static’ and do not contain tissue-specific or time-dependent information; protein modifications are not accounted for and therefore, phenotypes that are typically mapped to an interaction network rely on data such as gene expression profiles or data derived from next-generation sequencing studies; furthermore, the probing of a network to answer specific biological questions needs to be refined.
We are working on several aspects concerning network analysis. On the one hand, we are aiming to find complexes, as well as pathway modules in networks. To this end, we are making use of biological data together with clustering algorithms. In a second project, we are specifically probing the network to find biologically relevant paths between two different genes. In order to do so, we are reconstructing a minimal network and weighting the connections between two nodes using expression data. We will show the usefulness of this algorithm on a specific biological problem.

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